ASPIRE new Executive Directors

We are pleased to welcome two new Executive Directors to the ASPIRE fold. Working collaboratively with Dr Arthur Morrish, CEO of ASPIRE, Joe Godinho and Joe Musmanno are set to add immense value to realising ASPIRE’s wider goals as the programme management pillar of Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC).

The Executive Directors are responsible for the development and ongoing leadership of the research programmes to ensure consistent and innovative programme delivery, process improvements and enhance the overall student experience. They are also accountable for the strategic review, planning, building and delivery of the wider programme portfolio as well as ensuring a superlative student experience and outcomes. The Executive Directors are mandated to coordinate with TII’s Chief Researchers and faculty on shaping and delivering the strategy of individual research centres, in terms of attracting and educating high potential students. They also play an integral role in instilling a culture of improvement, innovation, and cooperation across ASPIRE and beyond.

Joe Godinho is a high-tech sector senior executive, consultant and advisor with expertise in Strategy, Innovation, Product Development and Program Management.  He has led and/or co-led the development and commercial launch of over 90 products during his 28-year career across three industry sectors – technology, financial services and heavy engineering. Earlier, he co-founded Prescient Innovation, a consulting practice to advice C-level executives on Strategy, Innovation and Digital Transformation, that counts eminent Fortune 1000 companies in the Technology and Financial Services sectors among its clients.

Prior to Prescient, he led Strategy, Innovation, Management and Industry Partnerships for the Global Transaction Services at Citi Innovation Lab, Citibank’s global innovation hub in Dublin, Ireland. In this role, he led new product and digital platform development that contributed to net new revenues in excess of US$100 million. Previously, he managed a US$200 million technology investment portfolio for Bloxham, now Davy Asset Management in Dublin, Ireland. He has also been associated with strategy and mobile product development at Intel Corporation in Silicon Valley, California, and as part of the role, for strategic relationships with Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Dell, HP and IBM. Joe Godinho holds an MS in Engineering from Clemson University and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley with a concentration in Management of Technology.

Joe Musmanno is a seasoned corporate officer with expertise in programme management. Prior to ASPIRE, he completed a long-standing 25-year tenure with L-3 Technologies, a world-leading US-based technology and defence conglomerate. He worked his way up the ranks – starting as Senior Engineer and leaving the company as President. He was engaged most recently on Complete leadership responsibility for a US$125 million specialty optics/ optomechanics/ optoelectronics developer.  He was credited with executing a turnaround of this company, which had experienced severe performance problems and with boosting profitability - revenues averaged 21% CAGR, and profits 28% CAGR, as he exceeded all targets. He also helped restructure the leadership team, reset strategic objectives, and ensure continuous improvement in the areas under his purview.

Working across nine cities in the US and the UK, he was responsible for the development and production of orbital space payloads, unmanned aircraft, SONAR systems, cruise missiles, hyperspectral sensors, guidance computers, cryptography equipment, beam-director assemblies, targeting systems, communications intercept gear, and counter-IED devices.  Earlier, he was associated with GTE Government Systems, where he developed artificial neural systems for sensor analysis and decision support.  Joe Musmanno holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and an executive certificate from Wharton School of Business. 

We wish Joe Godinho and Joe Musmanno the very best in their new roles as they drive further growth in the upcoming phase and build awareness and new synergies for ASPIRE in line with its core objectives and founding principles.