At ASPIRE, we drive and shape Abu Dhabi’s advanced technology research for an unprecedented future, ensuring there is a clear innovation path from lab to customer.

As a key component of ATRC, we move boldly, unhindered by red tape, with the freedom to make impactful decisions over R&D funding and partnerships - carefully selecting our collaborators and affiliates, locally and globally.

We focus exclusively on commissioning research that leads to pioneering advances, with a mindset to deliver technology for practical application.

We inspire impactful advances in technology discovery by:

Program Development and Management that inspires innovation

Shaping Abu Dhabi’s R&D strategy


Responding to evolving market dynamics


Identifying high-profile problems and challenges


Funding research


Managing R&D projects

OUR PURPOSE Program Development and Management that drives innovation

Working in close collaboration with colleagues across ATRC and TII, we help innovate new forms of competitive advantage, oversee the key drivers of new technology outcomes and embrace risk responsibly.

Framing direction for advanced technology R&D and managing program, we bring exceptional people, ideas, resources and technologies together to help solve some of society’s most complex challenges, through a rigorous discovery and inquiry-based approach.

Our Purpose Aspire

At ASPIRE, we are at the forefront of exploration and experimentation. We shape strategy, respond to customer need, create challenges and manage programs to inspire technological discoveries that are resilient in an ever-changing market.

Today, we focus exclusively on commissioning research that leads to pioneering advances, with a mindset that is always focused on technology with the potential for practical application.

As part of ATRC, our researchers are given substantial autonomy to pursue breakthrough technologies. We understand that their talent, pursuit and ambitions will drive the results we strive for. At the same time, we deliver accountability to ensure that we fulfil our potential while embracing risk responsibly, focusing our funding on transformative technologies.