By 2050, Earth’s population will be 9.7 billion. Demand for high protein products is increasing while impact from meat production practices devastates our planet. We need new ways to feed the next billion humans.

"Even though it seems like a formidable challenge, the current global hunger crisis can be solved and future problems can be prevented. With "XPRIZE Feed The Next Billion", we have a unique opportunity to enable innovators to develop solutions that improve yield, productivity and sustainability across the entire global food ecosystem."

H.E. Faisal Al Bannai
Secretary General
Advanced Technology Research Council

XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion is a $15M competition incentivizing teams to produce chicken and fish alternatives that replicate or outperform conventional protein in structure, versatility, sensory properties, and nutritional profile, while having a lower comparable environmental footprint.

Currently, 50% of all habitable land and 70% of available water used are for agriculture. 70 billion chickens are slaughtered each year. 93% of the world’s marine fisheries are operating beyond sustainable fishing levels. And every year, nearly 690 million humans go hungry.

The COVID-19 pandemic worsens food insecurity, food safety, and access for many communities. Furthermore, cities projected to face rapid population growth and wealth increase are experiencing surges in demand for poultry and fish as opposed to red meat.

While there is increasing activity in utilizing plant-based and cultivated approaches to create meat alternatives, more work is needed to make it widespread.

THE WINNING TEAM will develop multiple consistent cuts of raw chicken breasts or fish fillets (115g or 4oz) that replicate and outperform conventional chicken or fish. XPRIZE invites anyone, anywhere to compete, including food scientists, technologists, and innovators.

$10M Grand Prize
  • 1st Place: $7M
  • 2nd Place: $2M
  • 3rd Place: $1M
$2M Bonus Award given to the team that consistently produces animal-origin-free growth media at the lowest production cost.

$3M in Milestone Awards.
Early Registration Deadline
February 17, 2021
Team Registration and Technical Submission Deadline April 28, 2021
Semifinalist Teams Announced Q2 2021
Finalist Teams Announced Q3 2022
Award Ceremony and Winners Announced Q1 2024